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There is always someone who is number one for something. Harrods for luxury retail items, Giles Deacon for wedding dresses, Crystal for champagne and Almas caviar but the best kitchens, as more and more people are realising are German kitchens. With their well thought out storage solutions, high levels of durability and vast design choices all of which are exquisitely constructed, it’s no wonder the UK is going raving mad for German made kitchens. 
People are learning that German kitchens are the number one in the world because they are so impressively made. They are precision crafted by robots but designed by some of the best minds in the design world. Don’t let yourself be put off by the fact that the kitchens are designed by robots; not all of their designs are sleek and minimalist. They can create kitchens for every home, so whether you live in a converted barn or in a luxury city penthouse, German kitchens can be made to suit your home and to make your dream kitchen a reality. 
The best design feature of a German kitchen is their efficient use of space. The German designers think very carefully about the ergonomics of the average home and this has totally transformed the modern kitchen. Their kitchens are designed around the way that kitchens are used by normal people on a day to day basis making sure that they are the most practical use of space and the user’s energy. This is why the kitchens are packed full of the most storage maximising features from hidden drawers to kitchen counter heights that suit you. 
If your vision of your perfect kitchen is a streamlined, minimalist, glossy handle-less kitchen then German kitchens really are for you, but they can be made to suit the most traditional of homes. Prices for these life-changing kitchens vary but all of them are made to last. German kitchens are designed to be hard-wearing and durable so it is an investment that will last. 
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