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If you’re updating your kitchen then you’ll want to include the latest kitchen appliances. There are great new products available and some very exciting trends. Here are some of our top ideas. 
Let’s start with your oven, which is right at the heart of your kitchen. Here are some options you might not have considered: 
Steam ovens – adding steam to your cooking will help to make sure your cooked vegetables keep their nutrients. It will also reduce the risk of burning or drying out your food. 
There are a variety of steam cooking options, including combination steam and convection ovens for the best of both worlds. Some microwave ovens also allow steaming. 
Self-cleaning ovens - they’re not a new idea, but there have been some new developments over the last few years that make them a good choice if you want to avoid all those potent chemicals. 
Heating your oven up a very high temperature of about 500º C kills germs and turns food splashes into ash that you can easily wipe away. 
These ovens have excellent insulation so they’re also a good choice for energy saving and precisely cooking your soufflé. 
French door ovens – these are an option for anyone who wants something different. They look modern and elegant, so they’re ideal for style-conscious cooks and great for galley and one-wall kitchen designs. 
They’re also a good choice if you want easy access while you’re cooking. Many can be opened with one hand and they can be installed at a convenient height if you want to avoid bending down. 
What about your hob? 
Induction cooktops – these very modern, smooth induction cooktops generate heat using an electromagnetic field. You’ll find that cooking times are shorter, but you will need compatible cookware. 
And, when you want to keep everything cool… 
Counter-depth refrigerators – these are increasingly popular and are especially good for smaller kitchens. 
For example, if you have a small kitchen but would like to add a kitchen island, a counter-depth refrigerator could help to free up the space you need. 
Because they are the same depth as all your other kitchen units you can also add custom door panels for the sleek, modern look. 
Ice machines – iced tea, coffee, cocktails and mocktails are all very popular. Crushed, flaked or cubed ice are essential ingredients for these very stylish refreshments, so an under-the-counter ice machine is perfect if you love to entertain. No more balancing your ice-cube tray in the freezer! 
Please get in touch if you would like some advice about the ideal appliances for your kitchen. 
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