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One timeless kitchen design favourite is the handleless kitchen. Sleek and smart, they’re easy to use and clean. Genuine handleless drawers and doors open with just a touch. 
Alternatively, there are elegant recessed profiles with lift-over doors for wall-mounted units. There are even options to open base-level units with your feet. For tall units there are easy-open vertical recessed options which can be combined with LED lighting to give a very sophisticated effect. 
If you’re looking for a very special finish for your kitchen design, one current trend is to go ‘elemental’ with a combination of wood, stone and metal finishes. Combining natural textures and colours creates an elegant kitchen – very sophisticated but also slightly rustic. 
Combining paint and wood finishes, especially oak, can also create some very stylish results. Soft greys, yellows and greens are popular, but a darker colour choice could really make an impact. If you would like to make a statement, consider black, navy blue or deep green. If you’re happy with your kitchen layout, but would like a fresh new look, you might want to consider kitchen door replacements
Concrete worksurfaces are still very fashionable, but if you would like something a little more ‘finished’ there are now materials available that give you the look with a smoother feel. 
Brushed brass handles, taps and small appliances continue to be a favourite choice for the finishing touches to your kitchen. It’s especially effective with dark kitchen units to give a top-of-the-range feel. It’s part of the continuing passion for the ‘up-cycled’ look, paired with old-style light fittings and white, industrial tiling. 
A cooker range can really be your kitchen’s featured appliance, and there’s a growing range of colours and patterns to choose from to exactly suit your style. No longer are you limited to black and stainless steel. If you’re ready to cook in colour you can choose reds, blues, browns, creams and whites available with gas, electric and induction hobs. 
Statement fridge-freezers are also available in a range of brightly coloured doors. Some even offer the option to swap your doors so that you can reinvent your kitchen when you feel like a change. 
Sleek new styles of cooker hoods that keep the noise down are popular too. There are low-profile LED-lit extractors that are barely noticeable. Combination hob and hood extractors are growing in popularity and there’s even one that automatically adjusts, depending what’s cooking below. There are also hob extractors, which neatly retract when not in use and ones that are part of your hob. 
Mobile kitchen blocks are making a come-back too, for extra storage or food preparation space. They’re available in natural finishes and up-to-the minute chrome and steel. Just wheel them around, wherever is convenient for you. 
If this is too much choice for you, then we’ll be happy to give you our professional advice
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