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Designing your kitchen isn’t a quick job or something you do at the spur of the moment. There are thousands of small decisions you need to make to reach the perfect image of your fully functional dream kitchen. Perhaps, while you were researching for options you came across handleless kitchens - the top pick of the market currently. But is it just an overhyped trend bound to disappear in the next few years or there’s more to this sleek design? In other words, is a handleless kitchen right for you and your household? Let's find out together. 
What Exactly is a Handleless Kitchen 
The name speaks for itself, really. Essentially, this is a kitchen design where the units and cabinets do not feature any handles. How does that work then? There are different styles, but one of the most common options is the J grip where there’s a curve at the top of the cabinet doors, used to pull the door open. These are usually the most affordable types and are quite convenient for some people, but others may find the groove too shallow or uncomfortable. A level up are the true handleless kitchens. They feature a grip ledge at the back or the side of the cabinet door, allowing it to be easily open. The maintenance of these types of handleless kitchens is easier and they give your home a complete stylish look. 
Why would you go for a Handleless Kitchen 
If you have little children or pets at home, a handleless kitchen may be a perfect solution from a safety point of view. The absence of handles means less opportunities for injuries in the kitchen. Also, young children may not show interest in opening the cabinet doors if there are no obvious handless to use. 
Another reason to choose a handleless kitchen is its timeless design. If you want your home to never lose its modern and sleek look, these kitchens are the absolute right choice. White handleless kitchens have always been in fashion, however, the current kitchen design trends feature colours closer to nature such as light gray, deep green, yellow or navy blue. 
In addition, minimalists and those who prefer simplicity will truly enjoy a handleless kitchen. These designs have been around for over 40 years, and they keep gaining popularity till today with the introduction of smart handleless kitchen cabinets, which you can open with just a touch. 
What you should consider before you make a choice 
Handleless kitchens, especially the J grip type, will require frequent cleaning. The channels will easily accumulate dust and dirt which will have to be regularly cleaned. 
You will also have to consider your kitchen appliances. If you want them to be integrated in the design you should probably go for the true handleless kitchen, rather than a J grip one. 
One last thing to keep in mind is the cost. Although very beautiful, convenient and timeless, handleless kitchens are also expensive. This shouldn’t be a deal breaker for someone who values impeccable quality, but it’s worth the consideration. 
Have you made up your mind? Perhaps you need a real life demo of how a great handleless kitchen looks and works. Visit our showroom at Milton Keynes and explore the different options of incredible, high quality german kitchen designs we have to offer. 
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