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Across Europe, German designer kitchens have been popular for many years. We think there are five important reasons why they have such a good reputation. 

Leading the way in kitchen design 

Popular features that we take for granted today, like integrated handles, were introduced by German kitchen designers in the 1960s. 
Many German kitchen manufacturers are owned and run by the original founding families, bringing generations of knowledge and expertise to the process of creating beautifully crafted and designed kitchens. This also means they take a long-term view of product development. 

Internationally popular 

In the 1950s German kitchen manufacturers started to export their products to neighbouring countries in the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Austria, France and the UK. More recently their products have been going as far afield as Russia, China and the USA. For some companies, most of their market is now in other countries. 
Thanks to their very high standards of design and build, kitchen manufacturers from other countries struggle to sell in the German market. 

Beautifully engineered kitchens 

Germany is known for its engineering expertise, which extends far beyond the car industry and includes kitchen manufacturers as well. 
There are a lot of components in a kitchen, and they all have to work together perfectly. Doors and drawers must open and close smoothly every day for 10 to 15 years. Clever solutions to tricky problems are the hallmark of German kitchens. 
I many cases, every single part of your German designer kitchen will be ‘Made in Germany’. With many of the leading manufacturers based in North Rhine-Westphalia Bavaria and Swabia, they are important to the local economy and have high quality suppliers nearby. Collaboration and cooperation during the design of new kitchen ranges is common, making the process of innovation faster and more cost-effective. 
Similarly, many leading brands of sinks, taps and electrical appliances are also manufactured in Germany. Many of these are also made by small or family-run companies with similar values to the kitchen manufacturers. 

Manufacturing efficiency 

Another famous attribute of Germany is its timekeeping, so it isn’t surprising that German kitchen manufacturers also have an excellent reputation for reliable delivery. They make the most of the latest technology in digital planning, order processing, and delivery logistics 
The practical challenges of delivering all the units, fittings and appliances for a single kitchen on time and to the right location are significant. The network of suppliers on hand in Germany gives them a significant advantage. 

Form and function 

All this German expertise, efficiency and functionality must be combined to create a stylish kitchen. 
German design like the world-leading Bauhaus style is internationally recognised. Restrained German design complementing excellent functionality is in great demand for long-lived home investments like kitchens. 
One boutique manufacturer is producing just 5,000 kitchens a year in a series which only uses genuine stone, hot-rolled stainless steel and Corian, which are all precisely worked by hand. 
We recommend nobilia German designer kitchens to our customers because we believe they represent an outstanding combination of style, quality and value. Contact us to find out more. 
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