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When you are planning home renovations, the kitchen if often the place to start. Post Office Money’s 2019 survey about popular home improvements found that kitchen refurbishments were one of the most common over the last five years. 
This year’s kitchen trends are suggesting that many people will be choosing colourful kitchen designs although the black and white look that was so popular in 2019 will remain a classic choice. 
Textured finishes are also expected to be popular, compared to the sleek and smooth worktops and splashbacks of recent years. Overall, functional kitchens are expected to have a more personal design-led style this year. 

Colourful kitchen creations 

While we have seen handsome deep blues and forest greens in recent years, 2020 could be the year of sunflower yellows, amazing tangy oranges, bright emeralds, or pinks. You might even want to include a combination of contrasting colours. 
Pantone’s colour of the year for 2020 is ‘classic blue’ which, it says, is ‘suggestive of the sky at dusk’ and is reassuring and thought-provoking. 
Along with bold new colours, there is also growing interest in textured finishes like tongue and groove panelling, smoked effects, and fluted glazing. 
This might include a return to shaker-style kitchens in bright new colours, highlighted with painted interiors shown off through obscure glass cupboard doors. You can have the open-shelving effect without exposing your tinned vegetables. 

Traditional turns in the kitchen 

There might also be a return to traditional vintage styles from the Georgian or Victorian eras with a new contemporary twist. Bevelled painted wood, simple worktops and weathered metal handles are styles that could all be ‘on trend’ this year. 
For consistency, this might even include butt-hinges and magnets in preference to soft-close cupboards and drawers. 

Multipurpose living and cooking spaces 

This year could also see kitchen styles following trends in wider living spaces. 
This might include wide island counters and open shelving with space for decorative vases and ornaments, as well as increased use of lighting and art. 
Since so much of family life takes place in the kitchen, it makes sense to include more personal touches. You might add rows of industrial or vintage-style lights above central worksurfaces or 1960s style accessories, vintage crockery or cookware on display rather than hidden away in cupboards. 
Try some old-style copper pots and pans to complement your historic kitchen styling. 

The finishing touches for your kitchen 

Whatever your choice, there’s no doubt that statement taps will be a feature of this year’s kitchens. 
Big, industrial looking pieces with interestingly styled fittings and added features like chilling and boiling or touch controls will add another dimension to the overall effect. 
Houzz features brushed nickel, brass, copper and gold coloured taps, as well as matte black, in its top 50 selection of statement taps for 2020, as well as more traditional chrome options. 
Whatever your vision for a dream kitchen this year, we will be happy to discuss the latest trends with you, so please get in touch
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